THE LEO amateur radio scientific society of ALASKA

In Memoriam – UO-14

Date: 9-15-04       Newsletter number 1

No officers, no business meetings, no dues, no money making, no politics, just the science of Amateur Radio


Welcome!  The LEOarssAK or LEOs was started on Friday, September 15, 2000, at the Thai Kitchen on Tudor Rd. in Anchorage.  Our bonding interest at that time focused on the Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Amateur Radio satellites; therefore the name LEOs.  Since then we have expanded into most areas of Ham Radio.  Besides the presentation of papers we enjoy a good lunch and conversation.


Our founders included AL7KK/Rob, KL1HG/Doris, KL7AR/Mike, KL7JS/Deb, KL7DR/Dan, KL7GO/Gretchen, KL0QQ/TOM, KL0YO/Pat, KL7QZ/John and others.  Our special guest was Jerry Schmitt, KK5YY(SK) inventor of the famous Arrow Antenna.  John/QZ presented the first paper on LEO antennas specifically on how to build an “eggbeater”.  Since then we have had papers on many topics including SETI, Grounding, Moon Bounce, How to Use The Leos, SWR, digital and many other topics.  We meet roughly every 6-8 weeks September through May, on a Saturday at a restaurant in Anchorage, Eagle River or Wasilla.  We start at 11:30 with lunch orders, our first paper is presented at 12 Noon followed with questions and a break at 12:50 PM; our second paper is presented at 1 PM.  We end at 2 PM.  For information contact John/QZ at , Mike/AR at  or Dan/DR at   Also please check on the Leo Net, Snipers Net and Motley Net.



Our first fall meeting will be held on Saturday, October 9th at the Szechuan Restaurant, 11751 Business Blvd, Eagle River.  694-9168.  This is our regular restaurant, and it is located just around the corner from the Eagle Rive r Post Office.  Please come at 11:30 so that you can order and receive your lunch by noon when the first speaker starts. 

Our Speakers will be:

Dale Hershberger – KL7XJ


“The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska (CLCA)”

The CLCA is our resident NASA sponsored space education program for Alaska. This will be not only an exciting program for Hams but also for families, including kids grades 7 and up.


Frank Hurlbut – KL7FH


“Contesting: or are contesters really a different species?”

Frank is one the world’s great contesters (along with XYL AL1G/Corliss that is).  He will share some of the latest developments and some “Hints and Kinks” and the all around weirdness of contesting.


LEO Weather and Road Report Net.  M-F,  9 AM+.  147.27/87 @103.5 tone.



·        ·         For those of us who still mourn UO-14 we are mindful of how grateful we are to G7GLY/Alex da  Silva Curiel and G7UPN/Chris Jackson and the Brit gang in all that they did in putting “14” up and keeping it up operational for so many years.  What a bird.  Tx guys.

·        ·         Thanks to our April speakers WA6ZAP/Reg Driscoll and KL6M/Mike Melum.  Reg did a great job bringing us back to the fundamentals of grounding.  Tx Reg for coming all the way from S. California to talk to us.  Can anything more be said to exaggerate Mike’s moon bounce antenna?  The stuff of dreams.  And XYL/Lana a saint.  Tx Mike.

·        ·         Thanks for the all-new 147.27/87 machine.  We appreciate all the work, dedication and money spent.  Glad you got off the mountain in time.  Tx guys.

·        ·        Thanks KL7AR/Mike for the great LEO programs during our 2003-04 year.

·        ·        Thanks KL7DR/Dan for keeping us up on the satellite information.


IMPORTANT WEB SITES and EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please send yours in.  - Great LEO site with updated LEO orbits and valuable WEB links.  -  For ISS Ham communications.  -  Looking for our relatives way out there.


Other space, astronomy, satellite and Ham satellite sites:  -  Important for winter traveling with live cameras on Alaskan highways.


LEO speakers bureau. 

MARA.  9-24-04.  KL7AR/Mike.  Antennas.

AARC.  10-1-04.  KL7QZ/John.  Dayton-Hamvention.


LEO ELMERS: GO TO GUYS and GIRLS: Please send yours in.

SATELLITES: KL7DR/Dan at, AL7EB/Ed at and

KL7XJ/Dale at .










AO – 51, up, up and away!


73’s and 88’s to all Hams on our planet, in our solar system-galaxy –universe.


Keep listening for the “WOW”.



Editor: John Bury – KL7QZ.   907/349-8754.   5142 Shorecrest Dr., Anchorage, Alaska       99502