From:   Dan O'Barr
Date:  Wed Oct 29, 2003  8:50 pm
Subject:  Article in trade magazine


Here's a neat article from a commercial communications trade magazine, MRT
that mentioned AO-40 and amateur radio.


"Adversarial Science Laboratory (ASLRulz, as they prefer), won Category 6
and was the overall distance winner, logging a transmission distance of 35.2
miles - more than two times longer than any commercial entry.


They also won a spontaneously generated "Most Innovative Antenna" award.
Their design was based on work done in the amateur radio world to
communicate with the AMSAT Oscar-40 satellite in the 2.4 GHz/S-band with a
pyramidal horn antenna. A number of initial "core" horns using simple
cardboard, duct tape, and aluminum foil were prototyped and tested, with one
packed up and taken out to Vegas. The core horn was about 26 inches long,
15.25 inches high and 20 inches wide at the mouth. Estimated cost to build
the foil horn is around $3 and loose change."


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